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“On the shoulders of giants…”  Isaac Newton


The Asian American Optometric Society has grown beyond the imagination of the founders of the society.  The AAOS is now a significant organization among the many organizations in Optometry.  At this point in the history of the AAOS, one begins to realize that huge changes have occurred in the organization as well as in the profession of Optometry. These changes have caused the society to grow and remain relevant and important to its members. 


The growth of the society is directly attributable to the leadership and foresight of its members.  As an official “old guy” member of the AAOS, I propose that the society develop the equivalent of the baseball “Hall of Fame” so that the contributions of the membership to the society and to Optometry in general are not forgotten.  It is “on the shoulders of giants” that the Asian American Optometry Society and Optometry has grown to what it is today. 




To honor and memorialize the accomplishments, by members of the AAOS, that raises the level of the society and/or the profession of Optometry.


Who can be honored?

Members of the AAOS (or previously known as the JAOS) or non-members that have benefitted the AAOS.


What should an honoree do to win the award?

The development of a significant idea, the development of a program, a contribution to the development of either the society or the profession, should qualify.


Who would choose the honoree?

A two-person “Legends” committee composed of an “old guy” who can remember an accomplishment from the past and a member of the Board (Board member or Trustee) would comprise the committee.  The committee would make the proposal to the Board for final approval




Please send an email to Don Matsumoto, O.D. at

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