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Charter Members of the Asian American Optometric Society

Formerly the Japanese American Optometric Society (JAOS) - Started in 1972 with 35 Charter Members with a vision to promote and maintain a social, cultural, scientific and educational interchange of information and experiences between the members.

  • Ronald Akashi, M.D.

  • George Dotemoto

  • Ron Hayashida

  • Henry Hashioka

  • Ken Imoto

  • Rodger Kame

  • Dennis Kawabe

  • George Kobayashi

  • John Koyama

  • Ryan Koyama

  • Sanford Koyama
  • John Kuroda

  • Ben Marumoto

  • Paul Morita

  • Ken Murata

  • Dennis Nakatani

  • Mike Nakamatsu

  • Jack Niizawa

  • Roy Nishikaw

  • Dennis Noda

  • Ray Saruwatari

  • Tak Shimazaki

  • Ken Shiomi

  • Takao Shishino

  • Paul Sumida

  • Masao Takeshita

  • Saburo Takeshita

  • Gary Tanaka

  • Sumio Taniguchi

  • Hideo Uba

  • David Wakabayashi

  • Ken Yamaguchi

  • Ken Yamamoto

  • Mas Yasuda

  • Sam Otsuji


AAOS Past Presidents

Asian American Optometric Society Presidents


1972 Takao Shishino

1973 Takao Shishino

1974 Tak Shimazaki

1975 Tak Shimazaki 

1976 David Wakabayashi

1976 Roy Takemura 

1977 Roy Takemura

1978 Luke Abo 

1979 Luke Abo 


2010 Aaron Sako

2011 Stacey Gin 

2012 Kristal Kawamoto   

2013 Shawn Yamamoto    

2014 Jeffrey Nishi 

2015 Kenny Fukuda 

2016 Jason Lam 

2017 Andy Kongsakul

2018 Ray Maeda

2019 Jeff Chen


1980 Steve Kurata 

1981 Steve Kurata 

1982 Sanford Koyama 

1983 Sanford Koyama 

1984 Thomas Yamaguchi

1985 Thomas Yamaguchi

1986 Randall Yumori 

1987 Randall Yumori 

1988 John Hayashida 

1989 Lynn Kurata 


1990 Kendric Kajikawa 

1991 Seiju Terada 

1992 Seiju Terada

1993 Donald Matsumoto

1994 John Nishimoto 

1995 John Nishimoto 

1996 Christine Terada 

1997 Lynn Matsuda 

1998 Trang Nguyen 

1999 Trang Nguyen 


2000 Audra Yoshimura 

2001 Audra Yoshimura

2002 Judy Tong 

2003 Judy Tong 

2004 Greg Kame 

2005 Steve Bae 

2006 Cindy Siu 

2007 Mark Sawamura 

2008 Daniel Tang 

2009 Long Tran 



2020 Jacqueline Vu

2021 Irene Flores

2022 Christina Arakaki




“On the shoulders of giants…”  Isaac Newton


The Asian American Optometric Society has grown beyond the imagination of the founders of the society.  The AAOS is now a significant organization among the many organizations in Optometry.  At this point in the history of the AAOS, one begins to realize that huge changes have occurred in the organization as well as in the profession of Optometry. These changes have caused the society to grow and remain relevant and important to its members. 


The growth of the society is directly attributable to the leadership and foresight of its members.  As an official “old guy” member of the AAOS, I propose that the society develop the equivalent of the baseball “Hall of Fame” so that the contributions of the membership to the society and to Optometry in general are not forgotten.  It is “on the shoulders of giants” that the Asian American Optometry Society and Optometry has grown to what it is today. 




To honor and memorialize the accomplishments, by members of the AAOS, that raises the level of the society and/or the profession of Optometry.


Who can be honored?

Members of the AAOS (or previously known as the JAOS) or non-members that have benefitted the AAOS.


What should an honoree do to win the award?

The development of a significant idea, the development of a program, a contribution to the development of either the society or the profession, should qualify.


Who would choose the honoree?

A two-person “Legends” committee composed of an “old guy” who can remember an accomplishment from the past and a member of the Board (Board member or Trustee) would comprise the committee.  The committee would make the proposal to the Board for final approval




Please send an email to Don Matsumoto, O.D. at

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