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The Asian American Optometric Society (AAOS) was established in 1972. Today, AAOS is the largest optometric society in California, with over 225 doctors and 90 student members. The majority of the membership practices in Southern California, with other members located in Northern California, Nevada, Hawaii, Florida, and a few other states. Many of our members are distinguished lecturers, speakers, researchers, and teachers. A great number have held high ranking positions in local and state associations and societies around the country. Some of those include: the California State Board of Optometry, the Hawaii State Board of Optometry, the American Academy of Optometry, the California Optometric Association, the American Optometric Association, the American Optometric Society and the National Board of Examiners in Optometry.


The purpose of the Asian American Optometric Society is to promote and maintain a social, cultural, scientific, and educational interchange of information and experiences between the members.

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