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Dr. Jason Lam


Dr. Jason Lam began serving on the AAOS board in 2005 as a 3rd year student liaison to the Southern California College of Optometry. Dr. Lam was born in a boat in international waters but calls California his home. He obtained his Bachelors of Science degree in Psychobiology from the University of California at Los Angeles. Dr. Lam then obtained his doctorate degree from the Southern California College of Optometry. He then obtained in Masters degree in Business Administration with a Healthcare Executive emphasis at the Paul Merage School of Business at the University of California at Irvine.  


He now owns two offices in Ontario and Corona, CA.  When needed, Dr. Lam serves as a faculty Assistant Professor for the Optometric Center of Los Angeles, a subsidiary clinic of the Ketchum University of Optometry. He has also provided charitable eye care to the population of Los Angeles, Honduras, South Africa and Panama through his affiliation with the One Sight organization.  Dr. Lam is a member of the AOA, COA and has served as an Expert Examiner for the National Boards of Optometry.

In February 2012, Dr. Lam was awarded the prestigious California Optometric Association's Young Optometrist of the Year award for his contributions to the community and to the profession.

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